The Holy Royal Arch Masonic Province of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire is led by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp Wayne Williams.  His authority derives from a Patent issued by the First Grand Principal, HRH the Duke of Kent.  The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent appoints his Deputy, Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals.  

Below are pen portraits of our Provincial Executive:

c exec wayne williamsMost Excellent Grand Superintendent - E Comp Wayne Williams

I had the honour of being installed as Grand Superintendent of this Province in May 2007 - a rather unexpected honour at that time to me most certainly and a total surprise, no doubt, to the rest of the Royal Arch Province. My Royal Arch career to that point had been somewhat less than spectacular – my focus had invariably been on my Craft involvements and I carried just one Royal Arch Provincial honour as Past Grand Sword Bearer. I had been exalted into my Chapter, Northampton No: 360, in 1988, appointed MEZ in the year 2000 and after which my Royal Arch career seemed to drift into a state of hibernation………………..until that fateful Friday just before Christmas 2006 when a letter arrived from Supreme Grand Chapter on behalf of the ME First Grand Principal, HRH The Duke of Kent. It announced my appointment as Grand Superintendent forthwith. I just didn’t see that one coming at all, believe me! Since, however, what a journey it has been. The support I have received from every part of the Province has been nothing short of magnificent; the companionship I have shared has been a truly wonderful experience and I am grateful to so many for their encouragement and dedication throughout. I am indeed privileged and honoured to have been able to serve the Holy Royal Arch in this, our happy and thriving Province. My grateful thanks to all who have so generously helped me along the way.


c exec mike colemanDeputy Grand Superintendent - E Comp Mike Coleman

Originally a Lincolnshire Mason, initiated into Shire Lodge 5610, I was Exalted into Perseverance Chapter 455, Kettering in 1983 in the same year as Ex Comp Brian Smith. Installed as MEZ in 1997 and got an Acting Provincial Appointment as Assistant Sojourner in 2000 then Provincial Almoner in 2006 and Third Provincial Grand Principal in 2006 for one year under Ex Comp Peter Kitson. In 1995 I was invited to become a Founder of Thistle and Rose Chapter in Corby, was MEZ in 2004 and where I am currently the Almoner. I am a Founder Member and Past Master of both Corbie Lodge 9155 and Lodge of Heritage 9344 (currently Almoner) I was delighted, honoured and totally surprised to be invited to serve as Second Principal under the leadership of our current Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in 2011. This I did for four wonderful years until being appointed as Deputy Grand Superintendent in 2015 on the retirement of Ex Comp David Jackson. I was fortunate to be appointed as Past Grand Standard Bearer in Supreme Grand Chapter by the First Grand Principal in 2009 and then promoted to Past Grand Sword Bearer in 2016. During my time in the Holy Royal Arch I have made a huge number of friends both in and out of the Province. It has been a most enjoyable and, at the same time, humbling experience and I am totally committed to do all I can, by persuasion and example, to encourage others to join us all in this very special Order.

c exec george clayton2nd Provincial Grand Principal - E Comp George Clayton

Having been initiated into Dr Field Lodge in 1988, by 1994 I felt ready to complete the final stage of my journey through Craft Masonry and was duly exalted into Eleanor Cross Chapter in February 1994. In 1995 I took on the office of Chapter Organist and remained in that post until 2003 when I began my progression toward the Chairs as Principal Sojourner. I have to say that, while at that time I knew every nuance of the music in the book, I still didn’t quite get what the HRA was about. Finally, my ‘eureka moment’ came as Principal Sojourner. On learning the ritual I then realised how the bit parts I had shared in the various lectures fitted together with the Exaltation Ceremony, and was then able to fully appreciate the complete picture, a most incredible journey from Initiation to Exaltation. I occupied the Zerubbabel’s Chair of Eleanor Cross Chapter in 2006 and 2007 while simultaneously passing through the Z’s Chair of Columbia Chapter London. I received my first promotion to Provincial Grand Sojourner in 2008 and then LGCR in 2013. I was promoted to Third Provincial Grand Principal in 2014 and, unexpectedly, again this year to Second Provincial Grand Principal which I consider a great privilege and pleasure. In April 2016, I was appointed to Past Grand Standard Bearer in Supreme Grand Chapter. 

c exec mark constant3rd Provincial Grand Principal - E Comp Mark Constant

Initiated into the Old Kimboltonian’s Lodge in 1994, I was keen to know more about the little white jewel that many of the brethren wore. On enquiring I was informed it signified membership of the Holy Royal Arch, and in due course I would be told more, I was intrigued. When he felt the time was right, my proposer and long term mentor the late E Comp Geoff Coles asked me if I would like to complete my third degree and become a Royal Arch Companion. Old Kimboltonian’s not having their own Chapter, E Comp Geoff proposed me into Euston Chapter in St Neots’, where I was exalted on the 3rd November 1998, in what was a totally different and extremely enjoyable ceremony. Progressing through the different officers roles I enjoyed the positive and uplifting story in the HRA. The ritual in its new revised form is accessible and some of the easiest to learn, making it a real joy to deliver Joining a Chapter away from my mother Lodge, I have made many new and firm friendships, and the bond which develops between companions as we progress towards the three Principals' chairs and work together within the Chapter is very special. In 2015 I was lucky enough to have the honour of being appointed as 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, and enjoy visiting all the Chapters across our Province. It was a personal delight to see my son is exalted into Euston Chapter and complete his journey in Pure and Antient Freemasonry and join our wonderful order that offers so much to those who give it the opportunity.


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