In 2015, some members of Risdene Lodge took part in the Annual Canoe Challenge organised by Wentworth Lodge.

From some of the money raised, Risdene members decided to donate the sum of £1,200 to the Palmer Court Sheltered Housing Scheme in Wellingborough.

The cheque was presented by RWBro Barrie Hall PPGM to the Chairman at the time, WBro John Rivett PAGDC.

17 08 12 palmer 1

WBro John Rivett PAGDC (second from left) receiving the cheque from RWBro Barrie Hall PPGM

WBro Rivett asked the residents how they would like the money to be spent. It was decided to provide a circular seat around a cherry tree in the garden but unfortunately, due to other plans to redesign the external area, it was not possible to erect the seat until this year.

17 08 12 palmer 2

The newly installed seat

At a recent garden party held to celebrate the completion of the refurbishment, RWBro Barrie Hall and WBro John Rivett were joined by the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Max Bayes to try out the new seat.

17 08 12 palmer 3

From left, RWBro Barrie Hall PPGM, RWBro Max Bayes PGM and WBro John Rivett PAGDC

WBro Ian Richards, the present Chairman, made a point of thanking all those lodges and charities who make donations to Palmer Court to help provide such excellent facilities and enhance the lifestyle of the residents.

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