The Committee, chaired by the Provincial Communications Officer, meets regularly.

Members include the -

  • Provincial Executive
  • Assistant Provincial Grand Secretary
  • Provincial Communications Officer
  • Password Editor
  • Provincial Webmaster
  • Social Media Editor
  • Local Communications Officers
  • Electronic Media Group
  • Holy Royal Arch Representative

Representatives For Each Group of Lodges

RepresentativeLodges Represented
WBro Andy Moore Northampton Lodges 360, 5694, 5978, 6838, 8041, 8158, 8576 and 9601
WBro Nigel Dickens Northampton Lodges 1764, 1911, 2431, 2555, 3972, 6977, 7557 and 9048
WBro Mike Sheppard Brackley, Daventry & Towcester
WBro Neil Langford Kettering & Thrapston
WBro Jack Summerfield Corby
WBro Trevor Cook Wellingborough & Rushden
WBro Stuart Morgan Stamford
WBro Russell Laxton Peterborough
WBro Simon Perry Huntingdon, Ramsey, St Ives & St Neots
WBro Simon Key Webmaster
WBro Vince Tindale Password
WBro John Fergusson Social Media
 WBro George Clayton Holy Royal Arch

Telephone numbers and email addresses of representatives are available in Password or via the Provincial Office

Objectives of the Committee

  • To promote the reputation of Freemasonry
  • To establish and maintain effective communication between Freemasonry and the public
  • To provide the Media with information about Masonic matters which may be of interest to the general public
  • To respond appropriately to anything which is defamatory or derogatory of Freemasonry
  • To provide information for the brethren of the Province on both past and future Masonic events, and other newsworthy topics
  • To establish and maintain contact with lodges within group areas for the better dissemination of information
  • To assist the Provincial Information Officer in acting as a channel for the dissemination of news and information from Grand Lodge or the Masonic Charities to both Lodges and the local media

As well as traditional means of communication through Lodge Secretaries and personal contact, Password and this web site are principle means of Provincial communication.

News from United Grand Lodge - Freemasonry Today

The UGLE site designed for sharing information with Freemasons is Freemasonry Today. This is the magazine of the United Grand Lodge of England that you should all receive quarterly by post. (If you do not receive your copy you go to the Contact Us page on the website and click on Notify a Change of Address or contact your Lodge Secretary and confirm your postal address in order that he can ensure you receive it in future.)

On the site you will find an online version of Freemasonry Today plus many items of Masonic news that are not included in the magazine. We are anxious that appropriately important news of this Province should feature in the magazine or on the site so if you have any Masonic news items you believe worthy of inclusion on this national website, please submit them via the Contact Us page. This has the advantage of getting early consideration by the editorial team who will then contact our Provincial Information Officer, for authorisation to publish. It would be helpful if you send him the item directly, or through your Local Information Officer at the time of submission so that he knows what to expect. 

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