Folder Kettering Group Officers

The following lodges are members of this group:

  • Perseverance 455
  • Chicheley 607
  • Cytringan 4048
  • St. Crispin 5627
  • St. Paul 6516
  • Willowbrook 7439
  • Trinity 9165
  • Rockingham Forest 9491
  • Town & Country 9580
  • Graham Milton 9796


Image WBro John Partridge PAGDC Popular

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WBro John Partridge PAGDC

Senior Kettering Group Officer

Image WBro John Harvey PAGDC Popular

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Image WBro Kevin Williams PAGDC Popular

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Image WBro Michael Branch PAGDC Popular

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WBro Michael Branch PAGDC

Past Master of the Lodge of St.Paul No.6516.

Chairman, Kettering Masonic Hall.

Chairman, Management Committee at Kettering.

Image WBro Brian Thompson PPSGW, CoM Popular

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Image WBro Tim Lucy PPSGW Popular

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