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Abington 8041   Northampton Freemasons' Hall
Ailwyn 3535   Ramsey Masonic Hall
Beneventa 2380   Daventry Masonic Hall
Buckby Castle 8932   Daventry Masonic Hall
Chicheley 607   Thrapston Masonic Hall
Cytringan 4048   Kettering Masonic Hall
Dr Oliver 3964   Peterborough Masonic Centre
Eleanor Cross 1764   Northampton Freemasons' Hall
Euston 2283   St Neots Masonic Rooms
Fidelity 445   Towcester Masonic Hall
First Principals 3422   Northampton Freemasons' Hall
Gildenburg 2533   Peterborough Masonic Centre
Kingsley 2431   Northampton Freemasons' Hall
Montague 466   Stamford Masonic Centre
Northampton 360   Northampton Freemasons' Hall
Pemberton 3039   Rushden Masonic Hall
Perseverance 455   Kettering Masonic Hall
Piscator 7557   Northampton Freemasons' Hall
Socrates 373   Huntingdon Masonic Hall
St Crispin 5627   Kettering Masonic Hall
St Giles 8736   Corby Masonic Club
St Ivo 2684   St Ives Masonic Hall
St John's 3972   Northampton Freemasons' Hall
St. Peter's 442   Peterborough Masonic Centre
Thistle and Rose 6644   Corby Masonic Club
Waynflete 4452   Towcester Masonic Hall
Wellingborough 737   Wellingborough Masonic Hall
Whytewell 8400   Wellingborough Masonic Hall