On Monday the 4th of June 2018, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, WBro Charles Bennett, was pleased to visit Devonshire Court together with WBro Mark Constant (Group Officer and co-opted RMBI Trustee), WBro David Watson (Provincial Grand Treasurer and MCF Trustee), and WBro Malcolm Waldie (Master of Perseverance Lodge No. 455).

The purpose of the visit was to present staff and residents with a special ROAM, Side-By-Side, Quad for Two Cycle.

18 06 05 roam presentation 2

The Deputy Provincial Master, WBro Charles Bennett, trying-out the new cycle. Also present are Juliet O'Connor (Home Manager), WBro Mark Constant, WBro David Watson, and WBro Malcolm Waldie, together with a number of Devonshire Court staff and residents

As can be seen from the photograph, the bike is twin-seated and designed to enable a resident to take exercise in the company of a companion thus safeguarding them as well as aiding them in their endeavours. The cost of the cycle was met from funds donated by the Provincial Grand Charity and the Lodge of Perseverance. 

This was one occasion when the Deputy Provincial Grand Master was only too pleased to be told to "get on his bike"!

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