Every year, three Daventry-based Lodges, Coritani Lodge No. 8079, Danetre Lodge No. 8594, and Buckby Castle Lodge No. 8932, unite to raise funds for a charity chosen by one of their masters.

This year, that honour fell to WBro Rick Hill, Worshipful Master of Danetre Lodge, who was very pleased to nominate The Lewis Foundation as the 2018 joint charity recipient.

Thanks to the generous support of the lodges' brethren and the grateful assistance received from the Provincial Grand Charity, the three masters were able to present a cheque to the value of £3,000 to Lorraine and Lee Lewis, the founders of the foundation. The presentation took place on Friday the 29th of June, 2018.

18 07 03 daventry lewis foundation

From left, WBro Dick Godwin PJGD (Senior Group Officer), WBro Nick Bess (Master of Buckby Castle Lodge), WBro Rick Hill (Master of Danetre Lodge), Lee and Lorraine Lewis (founders of the Lewis Foundation), and WBro Tony Dicks (Master of Coritani Lodge)

When asked why he chose the Lewis Foundation, Rick explained:

Brethren and friends who had been admitted to the Talbot Butler Cancer Ward for both short and long term stays consistently praised the work of the foundation in making their stay more tolerable whilst suffering with their cancer. The free gift packs donated by the foundation provided stimulation, respite, and in some cases a sense of purpose. They also acted as a stimulus for conversation. These free packs vary from pamper packs, books, puzzles, craft kits etc.

They now supply over 800 free gift packs per month to cancer patients in NHS Hospitals. This not only helps improve patient care, but also relieves pressure on nurses and staff as they provide quality care to patients. By the end of 2018, they will have distributed over 10,000 such packs.

The three lodges would like to express their thanks to the Provincial Grand Charity for their support with this donation.

We congratulate them all on providing valuable assistance to a very worthy cause.

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