Some time ago, the Worshipful Master of Lodge of Perseverance No. 455, WBro Malcolm Waldie, and the Lodge's Assistant Almoner, WBro John Betts, had the bright idea of throwing themselves out of a perfectly serviceable airplane to raise money for Cransley Hospice.

18 08 05 high flyers 03

Following a false start in May, when Malcolm and John were both ill, the day of reckoning finally came on Thursday the 12th July 2018. The jump took place at Hilbaldstow, which we're reliably informed is somewhere near Scunthorpe.

Having stayed-over the previous night and eaten a "last supper" together, they awoke bright and breezy and took a 10-minute drive to the airstrip arriving at around 10.30am.

Unfortunately, due to low cloud cover (apparently it is too dangerous to parachute through clouds that are at an altitude of only 2,500 feet), they were forced to wait until 6.30pm till they could make their jump.

Eventually their names were called, and before they knew it, they were in a small (very small!) plane climbing up to 15,000 feet, where the deed was done.

18 08 05 high flyers 01

Both landed on their backsides as planned, with grins even the Cheshire Cat would have been proud of!

Recounting his experience, Malcolm said;

When you look out of the window, that is a long way up!

He added:

The best bit – bundled out of the plane and just falling, and falling, and falling – absolutely exhilarating.

18 08 05 high flyers 02

John said:

A most pleasing and breath-taking day. We thank you all for your kind donations and comments. At present, the total raised stands at £1,318.75, a very pleasing amount that we’ll happily hand over to Cransley Hospice.

Malcolm and John would love to donate a nice round figure of £1,500, so any additional donations will be gratefully received.

Should you wish to donate, please use the contact form (click here) to contact the Lodge of Perseverance secretary.