Regular visitors to Lodge of St. James No. 6838, which meets at Sheaf Close, Northampton, will be very familiar with the special Pummie's Night meeting that takes place every year.

The event, which was founded several years ago by the Lodge's charity steward, WBro Pummie Matharu PPGSuptWks when he was Senior Steward, is an occasion when brethren of the Lodge are encouraged to invite visitors to attend the Lodge and the festive board afterwards.

Notwithstanding that Pummie's Night usually takes place in February, this year it took place on Friday the 1st of March 2019 to honour the 500th meeting of the Lodge, which was also the occasion of an official visit by WBro Clive Stainer ProvSGD, the official representative of the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Max Bayes.

19 03 01 losj 1

From left, WBro Pummie Matharu PPGSuptWks, WBro Allan Hendry WM, and WBro Clive Stainer ProvSGD

Considering the fact that the PGM is a member of Lodge of St. James and was in attendance, it was definitely a case of two for the price of one!

Indeed, on this occasion, the PGM was kept very busy as it was a Past Masters night.

He, together with other Past Masters of the Lodge, conducted a super ceremony, which saw the raising of Bro Clive Fletcher. Everyone who took part did a fantastic job including Bro Clive himself.

The festive board was packed with 130-brethren sitting down to dine. 

19 03 01 losj 4

During the toasts that followed the meal, the PGM gave a heartfelt toast to the Worshipful Master, WBro Allan Hendry, praising his hard work and determination during a most difficult time. The toast was warmly received by all the brethren present.

During his response, WBro Allan thanked the PGM as well as all the other brethren who has supported him. He paid tribute to all that Freemasonry had done for him.

As a special memento of the evening, WBro Allan and WBro Pummie presented all of the brethren present with a special anniversary lapel pin:

19 03 01 losj 3

This went down particularly well, as did the port, cheese, and special birthday cake provided by WBro Pummie in the bar afterwards.

19 03 01 losj 2

Cutting the cake, from left, WBro Pummie Matharu, WBro Barry Stephenson (lodge secretary), and WBro Allan Hendry

All in all it was a wonderful night, and we thank WBro Allan, WBro Pummie, and the rest of the Lodge of St. James brethren for their wonderful hospitality, generosity, and warmth.

We look forward to reporting on Pummie's night again next year!