During March 2019, two Corby lodges, Corbie Lodge No. 9155 and Ferraria Lodge No. 8489, celebrated significant milestones within 6-days of each other.

Brethren from both lodges paid reciprocal visits to the other thus resulting in two well-attended meetings thoroughly enjoyed by all.

300th Corbie Lodge Meeting - Thursday the 14th of March 2019

Corbie Lodge kicked-off the celebrations with their 300th meeting on Thursday the 14th March 2019.

The official visitor was the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Lou Orsi PAGDC, accompanied by WBro Paull Hoffmann ProvAGDC. VWBro Wayne Williams PGSwdB & Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master (also an honorary member of the Lodge) was also in attendance.

During the evening, Bro Ronan Keegans was raised during a super ceremony led by the Worshipful Master, WBro Ian Lapsley.

Corbie Lodge’s two remaining founder members, WBro Mike Coleman PPJGW and WBro Peter Konarczak PPJGW, were presented with a commemorative glass together with a comic printed on the day of the Lodge's consecration.

19 04 02 300 1

From left, WBro Lou Orsi PAGDC & Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Mike Coleman PPJGW & Founder, WBro Ian Lapsley WM, WBro Peter Konarczak PPJGW & Founder, and VWBro Wayne Williams PGSwdB & Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master

The festive board included a quiz about Corbie Lodge, which - strangely enough - was won by a Wellingborough Mason, WBro John Marlow!

WBro Lou and VWBro Wayne were both presented with bottles of whisky.

19 04 02 300 3

VWBro Wayne (left) and WBro Lou showing-off their ill-gotten gains!

Not to be outdone, WBro Orsi also came away with a set of new hub-caps!

19 04 02 300 4

WBro Lou with his new set of hub-caps, which will look just dandy on his MK3 Ford Cortina
(and if you believe that, you'll believe anything!)

WBro Mike Coleman welcomed the visitors with a warm and welcoming toast during which he took time to remember some of the characters of the Lodge who had very sadly since passed to the Grand Lodge above.

19 04 02 300 2

WBro Mike Coleman PPJGW and WBro Peter Konarczak PPJGW blowing-out the cake

Everyone left the festivities having enjoyed a fantastic evening and a very tasty piece of cake made by Mrs Sandra Summerfield!

19 04 02 300 5

400th Ferraria Lodge Meeting - Tuesday the 19th of March 2019

With only a few days of rest in-between, Ferraria Lodge celebrated its 400th meeting on Tuesday 19th March.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, WBro Charles Bennett PSGD, was the official visitor on the evening. He was accompanied by WBro Bill Abram ProvAGDC.

The Worshipful Master, WBro Richard Skillen, took charge of Bro Lee Crozier's Passing ceremony, which was enjoyed by all.

19 04 02 400 1

From left, WBro Richard Skillen (WM of Ferraria Lodge), WBro John Hallum PPSGW (Founder), WBro Barry Cole PJGD (Founder), and WBro Charles Bennett PSGD & Deputy Provincial Grand Master

Ferraria’s two remaining founder members, WBro Barry Cole PJGD and WBro John Hallum PPSGW, were presented with gift-vouchers from the Lodge.

Those present were most interested to hear some of WBro John's memories, which he gave during his thank-you speech.

19 04 02 400 4

WBro Barry Cole (left) and WBro John Hallum

The festive board was a special 70’s style meal based on Ferraria's first Ladies Night.

WBro Stephen Burton PProvSGD (also one of the Corby Group Officers) and Bro Robert Poulter took the brethren on an enjoyable journey back-in-time starting with the formation of the Lodge on the 19th of May 1973 and passing through the 100th, 200th, and 300th meetings. They regaled those present with details of significant events and popular culture throughout.

19 04 02 400 5

WBro Stephen Burton PProvSGD (Corby Group Officer) and Bro Robert Poulter taking the brethren "back to the future"

At the end of the evening, the Worshipful Master of Corbie Lodge, WBro Ian Lapsley, presented the Worshipful Master of Ferraria Lodge, WBro Richard Skillen with a framed copy of the original Ferraria Consecration summons together with that of the 400th meeting, which everyone agreed was a thoroughly memorable occasion.

19 04 02 400 3

Ferraria Lodge's Worshipful Master, WBro Richard Skillen (left), receiving Corbie Lodge's gift from their Worshipful Master, WBro Ian Lapsley