On Thursday the 21st of November 2019, a raiding party from Lodge of Hospitality and Concord No. 8645 from Poole in the Province of Dorset attended the meeting of Lodge of Unity No. 9495 held at Corby Masonic Complex to reclaim the Travelling Gavel.

19 11 23 unity tg 04r

The Travelling Gavel

The members of the raiding party, which was headed by the Master of Lodge of Hospitality and Concord, WBro Dudley Fox, witnessed a fantastic initiation ceremony led by WBro Dave Genner PProvAGDC, the stand-in Worshipful Master for the evening.

19 11 23 unity tg 03

The raiding party: from left, Bro Roberto Mendonca, Bro Kevin Hall, WBro Dudley Fox (WM), WBro Paul Broome PProvGSwdB (ADC) , and Bro Tristian Hufano (JW)

The fact that WBro Dave was in the Chair was most appropriate as it was he who led the Lodge of Unity raiding party that netted the Gavel from Lactodorum Lodge No. 8526 on Thursday the 18th of January 2018 (click here for the relevant article).

During the ceremony, WBro Dave wore a most striking top-hat, which had been presented by the raiding party prior to the Lodge opening.

19 11 23 unity tg 01r

WBro Dave Genner PProvAGDC with WBro Dudley Fox

Following the Initiation ceremony, a brief history of the Travelling Gavel was read before the Gavel was formally handed-over.

19 11 23 unity tg 02r

Members of both the Lodge of Unity and the Lodge of Hospitality and Concord

After the meeting, more than 30-brethren attended the festive board where they enjoyed a super meal and warm fraternal fellowship.

Not only that, but following the 5th Toast of the evening, the raiding party treated those present to a special round of Dorset Fire, which proved quite different from that usually seen and involved a lot of singing!

The Lodge of Unity brethren were most grateful to receive a donation of £80 from the brethren of Lodge of Hospitality and Concord. The money was added to that raised during the evening's raffle and will be distributed to the charities on the Master's list at the end of the Masonic season.

At the end of the meal, the raiding party left to begin their 350-mile journey back to the South Coast where they arrived safely at around 2am.

We congratulate the brethren of both Lodge of Hospitality and Concord and Lodge of Unity for their hard work in arranging such a super evening, one that did a great deal to further the aim of Masonic visiting and raised valuable funds for charity.