The work of The 3 Pillars – Feeding The Homeless Trust has not stopped, despite the inevitable suspension of their weekly feeding services in Peterborough and St Neots due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Thanks to their terrific team of volunteers, the charity has continued to support most of their 'street-friends' by working alongside Peterborough City Council following its action to house rough-sleepers in local hotels.

In particular, the Trust has been working with the Outreach Team, the Soup Kitchen and the Peterborough Homeless Hub, initially to provide daily support to 90-street-friends housed in a single hotel.

This has since been expanded to another 4-friends housed in Peterborough guest-houses by Fenland District Council; also, more than 20 other friends housed elsewhere in the Peterborough area by Cambridgeshire County Council.

The Trust plays its part by sourcing the contents of breakfast/brunch 'goodie-bags'.

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The bags are packed by the Soup Kitchen and distributed to the various locations mentioned above.

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In addition to the goodie-bags, the Peterborough Homeless Hub prepares hot-food for evening meals.

Accordingly, thanks to the wonderful efforts of all those involved, support is still being provided to those who need it most, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

WBro Ged Dempsey, founding member of The 3 Pillars, said:

Despite these very challenging times, we are very proud of the support our wonderful team of volunteers continues to provide whilst maintaining the safety of all those involved, which is of paramount importance.

However, providing this level of support is a costly exercise, and so any donation will, as always, be gratefully received and faithfully applied.

How to Donate

Donations can be made direct to the Trust's bank-account using the following details:

  • Bank: Barclays
  • Account Name: The 3 Pillars – Feeding The Homeless
  • Account Number: 93961753
  • Sort-Code: 20-45-45