Following the Confirmation of Active and First Appointments meeting held on Thursday the 21st of May 2020 (click here for the relevant article), the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Max Bayes, was pleased to lead a Confirmation of Past Rank Promotions meeting, which was held on Wednesday the 27th of May 2020.

During the meeting, the PGM was joined by VWBro Charles Bennett DepProvGM, WBro Lou Orsi AsstProvGM, WBro Mark Constant AsstProvGM, WBro Jonathon Hibbins ProvSGW, WBro Stephen Kingan ProvJGW and WBro William Diggins ProvGSec.

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Upon opening the meeting, the PGM welcomed everyone in attendance and said:

I would remind you that it is a very special evening in the calendar of the Province. It's the promotion in Provincial rank of people that have continued to work extremely hard for the Province and for their lodges in recent years.

I would point out that in this Province certainly, there is no automatic promotion in Provincial rank. We only, as an executive, look at the reports of what's going on in the Province, and we reward those people that have made the effort and have continued to work very hard.

The PGM concluded the meeting by saying:

I urge you all to take good care, to remain positive. I honestly believe that when it is all over and we can resume, then we will appreciate what we have and what we are more than ever.

Brethren, happy did we meet, sorry did we part, but happy will we meet again.

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