Back in May, at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, 39-lodges across the Province entered teams into the Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire Inter-Lodge Quiz.

The resultant 9-week competition was a compelling experience for both competing brethren and those who watched the recordings from the YouTube sideline.

The culmination of this superb event was a final-match on Thursday the 2nd of July that saw Sartoris Lodge No. 9497 from Rushden declared as Inter-Lodge Quiz Champions of 2020 and Silverstone Lodge No. 9877 as worthy runners-up.

Members can view the recording of the final by clicking the following photo (non-members will receive an error):

20 08 04 inter lodge quiz final

The competition was based on the format of University Challenge with VWBro Charles Bennett doing an excellent job as quizmaster while his good lady, Mrs Adele Bennett, maintained the scores and kept everything in order.

In summing-up the competition, VWBro Charles said:

3,500 questions to compile, 38 matches to host, nearly 200 participating brethren to meet, great sportsmanship from all who participated ... I could not think of a more entertaining, absorbing or fulfilling way to occupy my time during lockdown.

Adele went on to explain her feelings about the competition:

A daunting but exciting prospect trying to make sure I gave the points to the right teams. Being the only one who knew the scores, with about a minute to go, I was willing the teams on. A thoroughly nice bunch of gentlemen who were very appreciative of what I was doing. I had a whale of a time and enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks are due to all those involved with the event, including a special mention for WBro John Fergusson, who worked tirelessly throughout the whole event to record each tie and publish it on social media.

The success of the Northants & Hunts Provincial Inter Lodge Quiz has been reflected with similar events taking place in neighbouring provinces.

As a result, Sartoris Lodge will be taking-on the winners of both Lincolnshire and Bedfordshire's tournaments in what some might even call a Champions League!

We wish Sartoris Lodge the very best of luck and have no doubt they'll do a cracking job representing the Province whatever the result.