During the COVID-19 lockdown, WBro Iain Ladds of Sothius lodge spotted an opportunity to support Sawtry Surgery's maternity team. The team consists of thirty-eight nurses who visit patients in their homes.

Notwithstanding that the nurses have laptops to record relevant medical data during each visit, they found it difficult to use each laptop's touchpad in the home environment.

WBro Iain suggested that they use a wireless mouse, but unfortunately, this could not be funded by the NHS.

As a result, Iain contacted the Lodge's charity steward, WBro Mike Nixon, to see if he could help.

As Sawtry Surgery is near to Huntingdon, Mike contacted the charity stewards of the Socrates, Samuel Pepys and Hinchingbrooke lodges to ask for help.

The three Lodges agreed to pool their resources and funded forty wireless-mice for the team.

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions at the surgery, the wireless mice were presented to the leader of the team, Sharon Walker, in the garden of one the team's other members, midwife Lesley Alexander.

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From left, Lesley Alexander, Sharon Walker, WBro Mike Nixon and WBro Iain Ladds

Lesley and Sharon expressed immense gratitude for the generous gift saying it would make the midwives' jobs much easier.