The work of the Almoner within Freemasonry is often highlighted, but its importance in providing a helping hand when needed is only fully understood when seen in action.

This is amply illustrated by the following letter, which was received recently in the Provincial Office:

Dear Sir,

I must explain this information so that you have a full understanding.

My father, Leonard now 93 has been a Mason for 39 years, an honorary member of his Craft and Chapter lodges and has been carer to my mother for 6-years, living in Kent, has been unable to attend his London lodge.

We lost Mum in April - a huge loss to him and all my family. This has, as I am sure you will understand, had a terrible effect after 70 years of marriage, with his health declining rapidly in recent weeks.

I made enquires to my lodge almoner, WBro Robin Johnstone of Peterborough and Counties Lodge No. 2996, to get help for Dad, and the very next day WBro Kevin Mackie contacted me and made enquires with the Provincial Grand Almoner (PGA) in NW Kent and gave me information of a Masonic home near to Dad.

Our PGA wrote a covering letter, filled in the form for us, and all with no problem. He also kept informed dad's lodge secretary and the PGAs in Kent and Metropolitan.

Dad has this week gone into the home.

I would like you to be made aware of all the wonderful efforts Kevin has made on behalf of me and all of my family, he is truly the right man for the job, his compassion is second to none.

But the bigger lesson for me is the true meaning of Freemasonry ... we are all brothers.

I cannot thank Kevin enough, he is a true bright light in a dark time

Yours S&F

WBro Barry Willis

This clearly illustrates the work of the Almoner - often a true bright light in a dark time, as stated above.

If you need a helping-hand at any time, or you want someone to talk-to, please contact your lodge Almoner.

Alternatively, you can contact WBro Kevin Mackie or any other member of the PGA team using the information on this page (members only).