On Saturday the 21st of August 2021, the Province enjoyed a most successful and enjoyable annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge.

Then, on Wednesday the 25th August 2021, Three Counties Lodge No. 9278 held a similarly successful Past Rank Promotions meeting.

Both meetings took place at the Provincial headquarters at Freemasons' Hall, Sheaf Close, Northampton. Many brethren from across the Province were in attendance.

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The Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Max Bayes, together with the members of the Provincial Executive, and the Provincial Senior and Junior Grand Wardens

At the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting, the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Max Bayes, took the opportunity to confirm that this was a day of joy and celebration as it was a delight for him to invest those active officers who were appointed in May 2020. He went on to wish them all well now that the time had come for them to perform their allotted duties, stating:

Enjoy your term now that it has eventually arrived. I also congratulate all those with first appointment to Provincial Rank.

The Provincial Grand Master was delighted to invest WBro Jonathan Hibbins as Provincial Senior Grand Warden and WBro Stephen Kingan as Provincial Junior Grand Warden. He also took the opportunity to thank the outgoing Senior and Junior Grand Wardens, WBro Graham Minett and WBro Gilbert Williamson, for their support during their time in office.

The Provincial Grand Master then proceeded to appoint those other brethren who were receiving active or first appointments to Provincial Grand Rank.

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21 09 03 pgl 2021 00006

The Three Counties Past Rank Promotions meeting saw many brethren who were the backbone of both the Province and their own lodges honoured with promotions to Past Provincial Grand Rank.

In the addresses given at both meetings, the PGM reported that the Province was in good heart, particularly given the challenges faced as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Members can download a copy of the PGM’s Provincial Grand Lodge address by clicking the following link:

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