Alzheimer’s and dementia affect so many of us in many ways, with friends and loved ones coming to terms with the condition and those around them equally needing support to cope. The ongoing work of organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Society in Peterborough is vital, and two Peterborough Freemasons' lodges have come together to help raise funds for the charity.

WBro Layton Mills and WBro Mark Watson, whilst serving as Masters of the Medeshamstede and Dr Oliver lodges respectively, held a social evening on the 9th of November 2019, which with contributions from friends and family, raised £500. A further £500 was added by Provincial Grand Charity of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire in recognition of their joint efforts in aid of such a worthy cause.

On Wednesday the 6th of October 2021, WBro Mills and WBro Watson, together with WBro Jonathon Hibbins (a Trustee of The Provincial Grand Charity), met at Peterborough Masonic Centre to present a cheque for £1,000 to Natalie Skipper and Siobhan Merrygold of the Alzheimer’s Society, Peterborough.

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From left, Natalie Skipper, WBro Mark Watson, WBro Layton Mills, WBro Jonathon Hibbins and Siobhan Merrygold

Natalie and Siobhan presented a fascinating insight into the essential works they were undertaking locally in support of early diagnosis, rapid and continuous support networks, and the research needed to find a cure for this debilitating condition, which sadly was proving ever more elusive. They thanked Freemasonry for such generous funding and explained that the money would assist them to provide support for over 100-people through their Dementia Connect service as well as open-up many other possibilities of vital service-provision to the 1,900 Peterborough residents over 65-years-of-age who were thought to be living with dementia.

WBro Mills thanked Natalie and Siobhan for their insight and explained what a privilege it was to support such a worthwhile cause within our community. The ladies were then shown the facilities at the Masonic Centre with WBro Hibbins giving an overview of Freemasonry and what drives its members to deliver charitable support within the communities we live in, hopefully helping to improve the lives of those around us in some small part.

With an ageing demographic not only in Freemasonry, but in society in general, this condition, and the support of the excellent work that the Alzheimer’s Society do, is close to all our hearts. It is a cause that Freemasonry will strive to support with renewed vigour.

(Article by WBro Craig Bunday and WBro Jonathon Hibbins)