On Monday the 1st of November 2021, Cytringan Lodge No. 4048 held its first Initiation since 2019, and considering the gap in Masonic activities, the meeting and ceremony went superbly.

Special mention goes to the new Junior Deacon, Bro Paul (Nobby) Mulliner for whom this was his first Initiation ceremony.

The Lodge's newest member, Bro Len Pengelly - who was proposed by WBro Keith Riddle - thoroughly enjoyed his evening and was most thankful for the excellent support and communication from the Junior Deacon, who was also his seconder.

21 11 09 cytringan

From left, Bro Mike Kilsby (Senior Deacon), WBro Melvyn Chimes (ADC), Bro Guy Gifford-Tiney (Senior Warden), Bro Len Pengelly, WBro Martyn Emberson (Worshipful Master), Bro Jamie Harrison (Junior Warden), WBro Tim Lucy (DC), Bro Paul (Nobby) Mulliner (Junior Deacon) and WBro Keith Riddle (Chaplain)
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