Bro Simon Cozzolino should have joined England’s Centre Lodge No. 2555 back in March 2020, but unfortunately the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown prevented his initiation from taking place.

Thankfully Simon proved to be a patient man, and after having kept in touch with the Lodge via Zoom, WhatsApp, and other social events, he finally became a member of the Lodge at its emergency meeting held in September 2021.

Not only did Simon prove to be an excellent candidate taking everything in with ease, but he also approached the Lodge’s director of ceremonies asking how he might become more involved.

Accordingly, Simon was given a copy of the ritual relating to the 1st Degree Working Tools with a view to him presenting them at some future meeting.

Within 2-weeks, Bro Simon reported that he had learnt the ritual, subsequently demonstrating his proficiency at the next lodge of instruction.

As a result, Simon was pencilled-in to present the Working Tools at the initiation ceremony scheduled for October.

Needless to say, Simon gave a perfect recital whilst handling the tools in a most accomplished and respectful manner.

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All the brethren in attendance were so very impressed that a Mason of just 4-weeks standing could perform ritual in such a fine manner.

We congratulate Simon on his achievement and wish him many happy years in Freemasonry.