Give yourself a break, switch off, and join like minded Brethren and their families who are members of the Masonic Caravanning Association.

Any Brother who has a caravan or motor home is very welcome to join the Association. Its members organises quiet weekends away from April to October, which for those who are retired could turn into extended stays. These are mainly at Caravan Club and Camping & Caravanning Club sites.

Weather permitting members normally have group BBQs and a general get together in November with Brethren from all over the Province.

The joining cost is £5. There is no yearly subscriptions until the bank balance reaches a bare minimum.

There is an AGM and Christmas dinner where we all enjoy a three course meal and choose the next year's venues so every member and their partners get a chance to vote for their favourite destination.

For more information or to join the Association, please contact the secretary, WBro Stephen Wright, via the Provincial Office.

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