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In June 2023 we reported that the local community and the broader cricket world mourned the loss of WBro Tony Kingston BEM, who passed away on 12th July 2023, leaving behind a legacy of dedication to the sport and its community. Tony's passing came just weeks after receiving the prestigious British Empire Medal from King Charles, a testament to his significant contributions to cricket and the local community.

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 At a time of profound loss, Tony's wife, Judy Kingston, faced her own personal battle with grief. The sudden absence of her partner proved to be an immense challenge, prompting Judy to seek professional counselling in the Northampton area. Despite her efforts, she initially faced difficulties finding the support she desperately needed.
In her time of need, Judy reached out to WBro Steve Spriggs and WBro Glenn Page, Almoner and Assistant Almoner respectively, who had been in regular contact with her following her husband's passing. Understanding the critical importance of timely support, the decision was made for WBro Glenn to contact the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) directly to inquire about accessing their Bereavement Counselling service.

The response from MCF was both immediate and heartening. Judy was quickly provided access to the support she needed during this challenging period. The MCF's swift and professional action underscores the MCF’s value and commitment to supporting individuals in their most difficult times.
Judy's journey through grief led to her being paired with Tina Young, a counsellor whose empathy and understanding have been a beacon of hope. Through six sessions of bereavement counselling, Judy found solace and the strength to navigate her loss. In her own words, Tina's ability to connect on a personal level and her intuitive guidance has been invaluable.

"Today, I have completed my six sessions of bereavement counselling. I was most fortunate to be paired with Tina Young, whom I cannot praise highly enough," Judy shared in a recent email. Her words echo the sentiments of countless individuals who have found comfort in the compassionate services provided by counsellors like Tina.
Tony Kingston's memory continues to inspire those he left behind, with his contributions to cricket and the community ingrained in the hearts of many. As Judy finds her way towards healing, her story serves as a testament to the power of support and the importance of accessible mental health services. The gratitude she expresses is not only for the immediate help she received but also underscores the indispensable role such services play in helping individuals cope with loss and begin the journey towards recovery.
Almoners play an invaluable role in bridging the gap between individuals in need and the charitable services that can offer support during critical times. By acting as compassionate intermediaries, they not only provide a listening ear but also guide those seeking help towards the most appropriate resources and services available through various Masonic charities and services. 

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