• Building a caring society

    with Integrity

  • Common foundation

    for Friendship

  • Treat others

    with Respect

  • Create an impact

    through dedicated Service

Welcome to

Freemasonry in Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire

Welcome to the Masonic Province of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire.

One of the oldest secular social and charitable organisations in the world, modern Freemasonry’s roots lie in the traditions of the medieval stonemasons who built our castles and cathedrals.

For Freemasons, there are four important values that help define their path through life: Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Service. In today’s world filled with uncertainty, these principles ring as true now as they have at any point in the organisation’s history.

Membership is open to men over 18 from all backgrounds and the organisation’s aim is to empower members to be the best they can be – it’s about building character, supporting members as individuals and helping them make a positive contribution to society.

Freemasonry provides a structure for members to come together under these common goals, enabling people to make new friendships, develop themselves and make valuable contributions to charitable causes. We are one of the largest charitable givers in the country, contributing £51.1m to deserving causes in 2020.

Mission Statement

What We Are (Purpose)
We are a unique members’ organisation that has thrived for over 300 years. Having no political or religious affiliations, we comprise members of all ages, races, religions, cultures and backgrounds. We meet in our individual Lodges throughout the country where we have ceremonial traditions which encourage us both to be more tolerant and respectful and actively to fulfil our civic and charitable responsibilities; we also make time to eat, drink and meet together, and form lifelong friendships.
What We Aim For (Vision)
To attract those from all backgrounds and walks of life, enabling them to develop into more thoughtful and confident people. To inspire and challenge them to practise the core values we celebrate – Integrity, Friendship, Respect, Service – in their private and public lives. To cement our reputation as a force for good in our communities and society at large and as a thriving organisation that people aspire to join.
How We Will Achieve This (Mission)
Over the next 7 years, we will enhance our reputation as a thriving organisation that people aspire to join and broaden our membership across all age groups.

Our Values


Rather than working on buildings like the masons of old, today’s Freemasons focus on building themselves as people of integrity, and membership provides the structure to help achieve that goal.


One of the oldest social organisations in the world, Freemasonry is not defined by an ideology. It is open to people from all religions and political persuasions and provides the common foundation for friendships between members, many of which will last for life.


With a membership of more than 150,000 people drawn from communities across the UK, Freemasonry brings people together irrespective of their race, religion or any other perceived differences that can divide us as a society.


Whether participating in events, fundraising for a charitable cause or volunteering for public or community organisations, service is at the very heart of Freemasonry. Our members make valuable contributions by donating time, resources and skills.

Our History & Achievements

Barely a decade after the foundation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717, Freemasonry had become the largest and arguably the most influential of Britain's many clubs and societies. This continued into the 20th century, a key factor being the widespread promulgation of the 1723 Constitutions of the Freemasons, which pioneered the cutting-edge principles of a philosophy known as 'The Enlightenment':

  • Religious tolerance, something wholly radical in a world characterised by religious conflict.
  • Meritocracy, at a time when birth and wealth determined success.
  • High standards of interpersonal civility.
  • Scientific and artistic education.
  • Societal and personal self-improvement.

Unique, Diverse and Steeped in History

An organisation for all cultures and backgrounds

Our members have come from all walks of life and each with their own unique story to tell for why they became a Freemason.

One of the oldest social and charitable organisations in the world

Freemasonry’s roots lie in the traditions of the medieval stonemasons who built our cathedrals and castles. Let us take you on a journey back in time.

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The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) is the home of Freemasonry in England, Wales, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and a number of Districts overseas.

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The Northants & Hunts New and Young Masons Club (NHNYMC) helps new Masons meet, enjoy social events, share ideas, and contribute towards the future of Freemasonry.