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At the Lodge of St Paul on Tuesday 12th March 2024, over forty visitors including fifteen active Provincial officers were in attendance to support WBro Dan Cooke, in his official capacity as the representative of the PGM. WBro Dan had just been welcomed by the WM when there was a firm knock on the door. It was an absolute shock to all when the ProvGDC Roger Blason entered and announced that the PGM RWBro Mark Constant demanded admission, with ProvGSec William Diggins in support. The imperturbable WM WBro David Etty was a little perplexed when the PGM accepted the gavel and assumed the chair of KS. This unusual start soon revealed its purpose when the PGM revisited a harrowing incident from a previous meeting when WBro Michael Branch suffered a cardiac arrest. 

 WBro Mark Titterton, PGM RWBro Mark Constant, WBro Martin Peel, WBro Michael Branch, WBro Red Litchfield, WBro Roger Blason, WBro William Diggins

In a poignant assembly, WBro’s Martin Peel and Red Litchfield were called to the floor joined by the PGM and WBro Branch. In a short but moving speech, the PGM recounted their heroic efforts, acknowledging the life-saving interventions they had made. Michael, given the floor, branded Martin and Red as “Heroes”, his voice filled with gratitude & emotion, he thanked them for the quick-thinking actions that had saved his life. In a ceremony charged with emotion, Martin and Red were presented with Certificates of Commendation, a recognition not given in the Province for two decades, underlining the gravity of their actions.

Yet, in their humility, Martin and Red deflected the praise, insisting it was a collective effort, highlighting the vital role of the defibrillator and the teamwork that sustained Michael's life until emergency services arrived.

WBro Martin Peel, WBro Michael Branch & WBro Red Litchfield

Their heroic deeds were further recognised with Certificates from the Royal Humane Society, which were presented by WBro Mark Titterton, who had recommended them for their heroism.

WBro Dan Cooke with Dad, WBro Peter Cooke PProvSGD

With over seventy Brethren eager to support WBro Dan, the night transformed into not just a keenly anticipated evening, but a vivid reminder of the life-saving impact of quick response and the power of communal effort in the face of adversity. A truly heartwarming and fabulous evening that those present will not soon forget.

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