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In an exceptional demonstration of community spirit and cooperation, members of the three Thrapston lodges, Chicheley, Town & Country and Graham Milton, came together for an end-of-campaign dinner that celebrated not just the culmination of their fundraising efforts, but also the power of unity and shared purpose. The event, held at Thrapston Bowls Club, was not only a testament to what can be achieved when Brethren work together towards a common goal but also a fantastic evening filled with camaraderie, laughter, and entertainment.

24 04 22 Thrapston Lodges

The WMs (Chicheley - WBro Roger Lovesay; Town and Country - WBro Allen Betts; Graham Milton - WBro Barry Coleman)  and WBro David Burton PAsstProvGM

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the entertainment, provided by the enigmatic Brother Steve "Dr Buska" Baldock, known for his excellent uninhibited entertainment and engaging personality. Dr. Buska’s performance added an extra layer of excitement to the night which was topped off with superb food and friendship.

During the evening, WBro Mick Warren gave a speech in which he not only recapped the achievements of the campaign but to also underline the importance of the connections made during this time. He spoke of the power of working together and the incredible impact their united endeavours have made on fundraising. Joint events such as Racing Night and Burns Night have proved to be great fun whilst boosting funds for the festival target. 

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