On Friday the 15th December 2017, the Lodge of Heritage No. 9344 was pleased to welcome the ‘Birthday Party’ celebrating the 92nd Birthday of WBro Arthur March of Old Kimboltonians Lodge No 7204.

The party included several senior Freemasons including the current PGM, RWBro Max Bayes (who sneaked in under a pseudonym), the Past PGM, RWBro Barrie Hall, and others.

Click the picture to view it full-size.

17 12 19 lodge of heritage

Back row, from left: WBro David O’Leary, WBro Jeremy Allen, WBro Jeff Chambers, WBro Mark Constant, WBro Jim Spence, WBro David Jackson, WBro David Hilton, WBro Rodney Phillips, WBro Andy Adamson

Front row, from left: WBro Bernie Docherty, WBro Jim Boughton, WBro George Bonham, RWBro Max Bayes, WBro Arthur March, RWBro Barrie Hall, WBro Tommy Hall, WBro Barry Cole

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