At the Provincial Grand Charity AGM on Saturday 10th March 2018, I announced the details of the Appointments and Promotions to Grand Rank for 2018 and, on behalf of the Province, I extend our sincere congratulations on First Appointments to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies to :

WBro Dale Robert Gilbert – Risdene Lodge No. 6532
WBro Dale is a well known and popular figure around our Province as he has been our Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies since May 2015, having previously served as the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. He is very committed to maintaining the high ceremonial and ritual standards within this Province so this preferment is richly deserved.

WBro William Murray Caswell – Lodge of Perseverance No. 455
WBro William is a very busy Freemason and is well known to many because he is the Provincial Grand Orator and has been since 2015, an appointment which he serves with some considerable distinction. He has made tremendous efforts to explain our ceremonies and ritual to members old and new.

Our congratulations are also extended to the following Brethren for their respective Reappointment and Appointments.

VWBro James Henry Newman, OBE – Old Wellingburian Lodge No. 5570 has been reappointed as Deputy President of the Masonic Charitable Foundation which continues to be a source of great pride to this Province, particularly, as the 2024 Festival has been formally launched and we are raising funds for the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

WBro Peter Broughton - Grey Friars Lodge No. 4990 - will be appointed to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

WBro Norman Green - Pro Musica No. 9547- will be appointed to Past Assistant Grand Sword Bearer

WBro Jim Redmond - Lodge of Harmony No. 9048 - will be appointed to Past Grand Standard Bearer

I look forward to accompanying these brethren when they receive their respective preferments at the Annual Investiture meeting of Grand Lodge in April 2018.

RWBro Max Bayes
Provincial Grand Master

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