The Palmer Lodge of Provincial Grand Stewards No. 8995 held a most successful Valentines Sunday Lunch at Corby Masonic Centre on 17th February 2019, with over 90 members and guests enjoying the celebrations.

17 2 19PalmerLunch1a

The Worshipful Master of Palmer Lodge, WBro David Burton PSGD AsstProvGM, with his wife, Mrs Judith Burton 

The Worshipful Master, WBro David Burton PSGD AsstProvGM, had asked for this to be a relaxed event with partners and friends, and this was certainly the case, with everyone enjoying a fine lunch together, before being treated to a wonderful range of songs from the talented Wansford Ukulele Folk Band!

17 2 19 PalmerLunch4

A packed hall with the Wansford Ukulele Folk Band in full flow! 

Mrs Judith Burton, speaking on behalf of all the guests, thanked the Lodge for putting on this event and in particular presented WBro Jonathon Hibbins (Secretary) and WBro Mick Warren (Senior Steward) with gifts in recognition of their organisation and hard work.

17 2 19PalmerLunch2

From left, WBro Jonathon Hibbins, the Worshipful Master, and WBro Mick Warren