Brethren should be aware that a self-propagating email virus is currently in circulation, one that generates messages similar to that shown below:

19 03 28 email virus 2

The message works by enticing the recipient to visit a website and enter their email password, which allows the virus to read their email and send similar messages to the contacts listed in their online address book.

During this process, the virus will use the information contained in the recipient's email to make the messages it sends as plausible as possible.

If you receive such a message, delete it immediately. On no account should you enter your password into a web-page that you have visited as a result of clicking a link in an email message. If the person purporting to send the message is known to you, contact them by alternate means (e.g., by telephone or text message), let them know what's happened, and suggest that they change their email password immediately, also any other password that is identical. Refer them to this website article if necessary.

This type of email attack is called phishing. For more information, please see the following link:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Provincial Webmaster, WBro Simon Key, using the contact form: