You may have seen a digital display-monitor displaying information at places such as your local railway station, doctor’s surgery or car showroom.  

A similar device has now been installed at Sheaf Close. The primary purpose is to provide information about the 2024 MCF Festival. It can, however, be used for a multitude of purposes.  

Sheaf Close digital display

From left, Peter Robinson, Dean Simmons, Shaun Butler, Michelle Worvell, and Gerry Crawford

Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Gerry Crawford, said:

In the Province we try to make use of all the channels of communication open to us. The more channels we have, the better we should be at communicating with members. The installation of this new digital display gives us another way of getting our messages across. In respect of the Festival, I now have another way of showing up to date information and videos that should help members fully appreciate the wonderful work of the MCF and the importance of out Festival in supporting it. Placed in the bar area, the display is eye catching and should attract attention. The potential for its use is limited only by our imagination.

Co-incidentally, on Thursday the 25 April 2019, Michelle Worvell, Director of Communications & Marketing at UGLE, visited Sheaf Close together with Dean Simmons, Freemasonry Today Editorial Manager, and Shaun Butler, UGLE Communications Executive, to run a seminar on digital communications, which had been arranged by WBro Peter Robinson, Provincial Communication Officer.

Gerry Crawford took the opportunity to show them our new display.